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Aesthetic Operations

There are lots of surgeries, sometimes we combine them, sometimes we carry them out separately. However, the most important thing is to understand what the patient asks for and what we can achieve.

Patient Reviews


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Our Lovely patient Zara's thoughts on her journey with us.

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If you consider having an aesthetic operation, the first step is to fill out the “to begin your journey” form on the website. This form will give us the basic medical and contact information about you.

We will get in touch with you via your preferred channel that you choose in the form. This way we can easily give you detailed information about the operations you are interested in.

We care about your desires and also your safety.Thus, we might ask for the photos depending operation the operation. This way we will be able to evaluate and inform you on your suitability for the operation.

Once we agree on the details of operation, we will set a convenient date for your visit to our clinic.

To finalize your reservation just send us your flight tickets. Then you are ready for the journey!

You need to be in Istanbul at least one day before the operation date for your first face-to-face consultation and pre-operative test.
It nearly takes one hour.

In the face-to-face consultation we will inform you on your options for your operation. Here you will also have chance to express your desires and concerns. Together we will set the path forward.

After your face to face consultation, you will meet with your anesthesiologist in the hospital. In addition we will also make some physical examinations and finally plan the surgical process together. .

On the operation day, you will check into the hospital in the morning. You should not eat or drink for at least 8 hours before the surgery. Once the preparations are done, we will accompany you to the operating room and your operation will begin.

After the operation, you will stay in the operating room about half an hour for awakening.
You will spend 1 or 2 nights in the hospital based on the type of the operation for a successful early recovery period.

When you are ready to be discharged, your doctor will prescribe your medications and then we will take you to your hotel/home with a service.
We will schedule follow up examinations with you during this period just to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

We use online channels for following face-to-face examinations for the early and late recovery periods.
And we will always be here for you…

Press & Media

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recent governmental incentives for medical tourism led Turkey to improve its medical infrastructure. Shorter waiting periods for diagnosis and treatment, having the opportunity to visit historical places while receiving health care services and also the lower cost of treatments are main reasons why Turkey is one the top destinations for plastic surgery.

Yes, Turkey is safe for cosmetic surgery both in terms of the sanitation of health facilities and the qualification of healthcare providers. However, choosing a well-trained surgeon and reliable clinic for your operation is important. You can have an insight about the reliability of the clinic by getting information about the surgeon’s medical training, experience and health facility where your operation will be performed.

The reason for lower cost of breast augmentation surgery is that Turkey’s general wage costs are lower than in Europe and the U.S so medical service prices are affected. However lower prices do not indicate that the health service will be poor or implants are low quality; in Noyan Clinic we provide medical care in high standard hospitals and facilities, we use FDA approved equipment and top-quality implants.

Cosmetic surgery, like any type of surgery, is not without risks, therefore it is essential for the patient to acknowledge this. One of the common pitfalls is anesthesia used in cosmetic surgery, but by giving the right information about your medical history and taking precautions requested by your doctor you can reduce these risks. Another pitfall is the recovery, that is the final result; after the surgery, the recovery period can last some time, depending on the type of procedure and the individual. Prematurely judging the results of your surgery even if the surgery is completely successful will not be accurate because every individual has unique properties and your body will need time for bruise healing, scar maturation and for the swelling to go down. So you may need to wait for the final result of your surgery and during this period we will monitor improvements and possible complications with the follow-up examinations. All surgery entails certain risks but with the help of proper planning, healthy communication with your doctor, suitable patient selection and the fully qualified medical team you can minimize the risks.

In this video you will find information about your expected arrival time in Istanbul for the pre-operative tests and your first face-to-face consultation with your surgeon. This way you can plan your plastic surgery journey according to your schedule.

This video includes the information about the duration of pre-operative tests before the plastic surgery procedure and the meeting with the anesthesiologist about the possible effects of anesthesia in surgeries such as breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction etc.

This video explains the surgical planning before the plastic surgery. Face-to-face consultation is the best time for a patient to express her/his expectations, desires and concerns to the surgeon before the procedure. During this meeting you should be clear about your desire about the final shape of maybe your nose, your breasts, your love handles or your genital area so as to decide on a mutual surgical plan.

This video explains not only what you should the before the aesthetic surgery but also the whole surgical process on a typical plastic surgery operation like the expected starvation time in the morning of the surgery, preparations in the operation room.

This video explains all the details about the post-operation period these details include the duration of your hospital stay for the early recovery period, medications to be given after the surgey for both the pain and the incision lines. You will also learn your discharge procedure after breast augmentation.

This video focuses on the post-op period after the cosmetic surgery, early and late recovery period, communication options for the remote follow-ups.

This video covers te reasons behind the popularity of the breast augmentation surgery among women which could be the desire to have a more feminine body.

If you are wondering whether you are a good candidate for the breast augmentation surgery and the common reasons for this surgery such as breast sagging, breast schrinkage which might be caused by breast feeding or tubular breasts, this video is your answer.

You will acknowledge the anesthesia type used during breast enlargement procedure, duration of the breast augmentation surgery and the stay in hospital also what you will feel in the early days after the surgery.

When you decide to undergo breast augmentation surgery you need to know the whole surgical planning and your options in breast implant type (round implant or teardrop/anatomic implant) or in placement of the implant (under the muscle implant or over the muscle implant). So this video is you guide.

One of the most common questions is that when I would be able to go back to my normal life, my work after a boob job and this video is where you turn to.

This video clarifies the approximate time to return your normal sports activities after boob job. It also gives you some examples of what you can and cannot do in thee early recovery period after the surgery.

Incision lines and the breast implants, whether they are under the muscle or over the muscle, tend to be sensitive in the early and late recovery periods so if you are curious about when you will be able to wear a wired bra you should watch this video.

There have been comments on breast implants as they cause breast cancer but in fact that's not the case. As you will learn after this video breast implants, so the breast augmentation operation, does not cause breast cancer on the contrary they are not an obstacle against any type of screening tests for women.

This video make things clear on the bra size change after the boob job. You will explore if there will be any changes in your cup size, what your new bra size will be after the breast augmentation.

Do you wonder breast surgery is the best solution for your problem for example when you are satisfied with your breast size but you suffer from breast sagging, loose skin and aren't happy with the position of your breasts? After watching this video you will have a clearer opinion about breast lift operation.

This video focuses on the details of recovery period after the breast lifting operation, it draws a frame for the care for the incision lines, the healing time of the surgical scars and the use specific medications.

If you suffer from the excessive weight on your shoulders, rash under your breasts and saggy breast shape maybe your solution is the breast reduction operation. This video will give you the basic information about breast reduction that you have been looking for

This video clarifies the main concern whether it`s okay to have new babies after the breast reduction surgery or not. It also gives the general timeline for those who want to have babies in the near future and breastfeed them.

This video not only explains the nose job operation it also explains the common reasons that could lead to nose surgery such as breathing difficulty, cartilage problems, nose bump or asymmetric nostrils.

This video provides a clear perspective on the nose job and the surgical planning including the way of finding the best nose shape, the best nose job technique which could be open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty. Watching this video will help you know basic points to consult your surgeon before the surgery.

This video provides a clear distinction between a male rhinoplasty and a female rhinoplasty. As feminine face has different needs and attributes than a masculine face, the nose job operation will have distinct results for female nose and male nose.

In this video Dr. Noyan guides you from the beginning of the early recovery period after rhinoplasty surgery to the time when the nose takes its final shape. He also provides the important points such as when the plaster will be removed, when will be the first follow-up consultation, when the swelling will go down and when the bone/cartilage structures heal and harmonize with the face.

There is a common belief that liposuction is a weight loss surgery. Is it a fact or is it just a misconception? You are about to find out!

If you are curious about what happens during a liposuction operation, how the excess fat is removed, what kind of equipment is used for the process this video will provide you everything you need. It`s like a glimpse of what to expect from the operating room.

This video summarizes the whole liposuction post-op period from the moment you awaken from the anesthesia to the time you take off the post-operative corset that is used for the recovery of the skin and the muscles.

This video surrounds you with the basic facts and the surgical steps of the tummy tuck surgery and its types: mini or partial tummy tuck and full tummy tuck.

Are you thinking to undergo tummy tuck operation but you aren`t sure whether this operation is suitable for you if you plan to have babies in the near future or not? If your answers is yes this video is for you. It will also give you the best time to have a new baby after the operation so as not to effect the results.

This video focuses on the possible and common issues that can be fixed with genital aesthetic operations or labiaplasty (for both labia minora and labia majora). If you are not satisfied with the appearance of your genital area or maybe not comfortable with the outer layer of your vagina you should check this video out.

If you wonder what would be your life after the genital aesthetic operation (labiaplasty or barbie vagina operation some may call) this video is the right source. To learn what happens to the stitches or the scars after the operation or when to go back to normal sexual life check out the video.

Botox (Botulinum toxin) injections relax the muscles in your face to smooth out lines and wrinkles, such as crow's feet and frown lines. But what could happen if your surgeon inject excessive amounts of botox? Let's watch and find out!

The botulinum toxin reduces wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing small muscles in the face. Does this necessarily mean that a person who gets Botox cannot use his/her facial expressions or show emotions? In this video you will find the answer to this frequently asked question about Botox injections.

Lip filler is a quick and easy non-surgical procedure that instantly adds volume and fullness to both the upper and lower lips. Lip lifts focus on shortening the space between the nose and the upper lip in order to enhance the symmetry of the overall face. Nowadays, lip lift is preferred as an alternative of dermal lip fillers but is surgical lip lift a better alternative or not?

As we age, our faces naturally lose fat. The facial skin also stretches a bit, adding to this loss of facial volume. So if you would like to know how this aging effect can be reversed or how dermal fillers are used watch this video!

Is it true that some nasal fillers/nose fillers are permanent? Is there a such thing as permanent solution like nose filler for correcting the asymmetry of the nose without undergoing rhinoplasty? In this video you will find the correct answers to these questions.

In this video you will find answers of Dr. Noyan to these questions: can body fat transforms into body muscle or vice versa? Or if the body fat cells are not removed with liposuction do these cells become body muscles?

What is the double chin deformity? Can this double chin look be fixed? If yes, how this chin appearance be fixed? Is it possible to use liposuction? Let`s find out with this video!

When patients undergo tummy tuck or abdominoplasty operation whether it is a mini tummy tuck or a full tummy tuck, one of the most frequently asked questions is about the expected effect time of this operation. If you want to know the truth behind it watch this video!

It is important to know a patient`s family history of breast cancer before making any breast operation. But does it have to mean that a strong family history of breast cancer is an absolute drawback in front of undergoing breast augmentation or any kind of breast surgery?

There are different types of anesthesia such as general anesthesia, sedation anesthesia, local anesthesia etc. for different aesthetic operations. Which type of anesthesia is used for breast augmentation? Can it be done under local anesthesia? If you would like know this video is for you!

If you wonder how long you should wait after your breast feeding period to get breast augmentation / augmentation mammoplasty this video will clear the air for you!

Breasts become less elastic, which means the skin doesn`t snap back into place after being stretched. One of the reasons for this sagging is pregnancies and breastfeeding. So, in this video we will find out if it is better to wait for a patient`s baby wish to end or can breast lifting or what we call mastopexy be done before the pregnancies?

Does breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty operation affect a woman`s ability to breastfeed after the surgery? Does it mean that if a woman undergoes breast reduction she could not breastfeed her babies in the future? Let`s find out with this video!

This video reveals the frequently wondered fact about the upper and the lower age limits for breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lifting. If you want to know how old if too old or too young to get such aesthetic procedures play the video!

In this video you will find information on the procedure called vaser liposuction, the whole procedure of conventional liposuction and the essential difference between vaser lipo and normal liposuction.

If you think that the breast reduction surgery is a lot more challenging than other breast surgeries like breast augmentation you may want to hear what Dr. Noyan`s opinion on the subject.

If you are considering to get rhinoplasty but don't know what is the best age to get it, this video will shed a light on the question.

Can breast lifting be done after breast augmentation or reduction mammoplasty? After a few years can a breast lifting patient also get breast implants? Let`s hear the answers in this video!

Are you worried about the possible risks or complications of the hair transplantation? Are you trying to find clear information regarding the general risks of a surgery done under local anesthesia and what kind of medical conditions might increase these risks and how you can check them? This video will clear up your head

This video reveals what a patient will experience during hair transplantation surgery or will hair transplantation procedure be painful, what kind of anesthesia will be used durin the operation.

In this video, Doctor Noyan explains that there isn’t any upper age for hair transplantation; however the medical status of the patient is crucial since it affects the results.

This video explains the difference between hair prosthesis and hair transplantation: Hair prosthesis is an articificial tissue that gets attached to the bald area and doesn’t treat baldness; while hair transplantation is a real surgery that provides a natural look.

This video explains that why it is impossible to transplant hair follicles from one patient to another. It is due to the principle of plastic surgery. If someone gives an organ of a patient to another patient, they have to make immunosuppressşve agents to put the new organs so that they can adapt to the new area, and that is why it is impossible to do it.

In this video, Doctor Noyan explains that with a successful hair transplantation surgery, all the hair will live forever with the patient; it will not get thinner or won’t be lost after the surgery if they heal well.

One of the most common concerns about going under hair transplantation surgery is the final result to be looking artificial rather than natural hair. In this video you will learn that actually transplanted hair follicles will look natural when they grow in time.

In this video, Doctor Noyan explains why this operation wll last long. If the hair follicles that are implanted to the new areas survived, they will be long.

In this video, Doctor Noyan explains the duration of a typical hair transplantation operation.

This video explains that it isn’t fair to compare hair transplantation surgery and PRP injection, instead doctors combine these two procedures together to reach more successful results.

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